Case Referral (for Lawyers)

The Magwood Law Firm has been serving injured people in Connecticut, and around the nation, for over a decade, and has earned the respect of the defense bar, insurance companies and adjusters, as well as our colleagues who do not handle injury cases. Regardless of the case – large or small – we are willing to accept a referral or co-counsel it. Either way, we will be honest, blunt and open with you, even if we can’t assist you and your clients.

Why Choose Us For Your Injury Cases?

We only accept meritorious cases from good people. When we take a case from another lawyer, we only take on cases where we can be reasonably certain of a mutually beneficial relationship. Every case is worked on personally by a lawyer, and everyone in the office knows what is going on in each case. We plan on taking every case to trial, which helps us be very well prepared to resolve the case by settlement or mediation, if possible. We know the laws and courts in Connecticut and work hard to earn the respect of bench and bar.

If you need help with a case or would like to refer us one, please call us or fill out the contact form below.

We look forward to working with you.