The Team

When you hire us, you are really getting a team – not just Andrew, not one person, not a case manager, and not an endless, revolving list of lawyers who change from day to day. We all know about your case, and work on it together, but if you need to talk to your lawyer directly, that is no problem. Just like at a doctor’s office, you have the right to expect that all the staff have access to your information and can give you answers, but from time to time, you just want to speak with the doctor, at our law firm we can all provide service, but talking to your lawyer is a right that we fully honor with our Absolute Appointment Guarantee. (Check it out here!)

You will be treated with respect, at all times.

Your information is confidential, regardless of who you talk to from our office.

Check us out to find more about the people who serve you.

In addition to helping injured people, we also work with good, local businesses and families in other practice areas. You can check out our main website for a Connecticut law firm here.